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Green Credentials

Zucchini incorporates a dazzling array of sustainable measures. Our water is filtered and bottled on-site, an experimental wormery digests unused raw food, and a hot composter manages the garden’s waste. You don’t get much more ethical than this.

We are pleased with the restaurants initial efforts at reducing waste, energy and water use, but we are very aware that there is a huge opportunity for us to do more.

Both the provenance of the food we use and the ethics of the supplier are very important to us. We select local produce wherever possible. We regularly visit local farms and meet with their owners as we feel it is important to know where our food has come from. With this in mind we hope you find the following of interest: –


Being Green

We are lucky and grateful to be able to work and live in Cornwall and it’s our aim, to not only lower our impact as a business (without compromising standards and guest expectation) but to help bring awareness to the fragility of this special place.


We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the amount of waste that they produce on our behalf is minimised. Wherever possible we source locally, not only because this area has such a wealth of wonderful produce from which to choose, but also for the good of our local economy and to lower the transportation distances of goods we require. It is also important to us that we reduce our carbon footprint and that of our suppliers so we have changed to making larger orders, which are delivered less often.


We have asked all our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging they use to deliver their produced to us


We shop smarter and plan ahead so we have halved our deliveries by rethinking the orders and frequency we have deliveries this has enabled us to solve the problem that is less damaging to the environment


We will not accept things that are not the best option for the environment. For example, is the packaging really needed?


We recycle:- Paper / Cardboard / Plastics / Glass / Cooking Oil which goes to be turned into bio fuel and all our Food waste is collected and goes off for Anaerobic Digestion.


Having embarked on an Energy Efficiency Action Plan drawn up by environmental specialists and having had a full Water Efficiency Assessment by South West Water we have made the following improvements with more in the pipeline! :-

Changes we’ve made: –

We have: –

  • We have our own state of the art sewerage treatment plant. All our water waste is dealt with on site and we have been told that it is so clean once it leaves our triple filtration system you could drink the water as it comes out!!!!! We have yet to try it but it feeds a series of ponds and the wildlife in them is abundant!
  • We are closing the gap on our Carbon footprint, which we expect to be neutral by the Autumn.
  • By using seasonal fish we offer you a wider variety of more ethically sourced, sustainable seafood and still keep it delicious.
  • By using seasonal Cornish fish, landed by Cornish boats, we help to protect Cornish fish stocks whilst supporting Cornish fishing.
  • We do not use harsh chemicals instead its tried and tested white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and steam!
  • To help reduce the wastage of throwing away empty bottles we use refillable bottles.
  • Re-insulated the attic spaces and boiler rooms in the restaurant with top grade insulation materials.
  • Recently we have installed a new energy efficient water heating system.
  • We have changed our lighting to LED and other Low Energy options where suitable.
  • Upgraded the public lavatories to PIR sensors. Our back of house areas and store rooms have push button timer switches to avoid lights being left on unnecessarily.
  • Now ensured that where possible all future printing will be on recycled paper, in-house and for marketing material.
  • Sourced environmental laundry detergent
  • Installed PIR to water flushes in the gents’ lavatory.
  • Put posters around the back of house areas from the carbon trust to encourage staff to ‘turn off’ etc.
  • Formed a Green Team made up of members of staff keen to help and encourage others to go green!
  • Cleared an area to plant a kitchen garden with vegetables, salads and edible flowers for use in our restaurant.
  • Compost all our garden waste and use a chipper to redistribute larger items around the garden which helps encourage wildlife.
  • We have bug hotels and bird feeders and tables in the garden.