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Food Provenance

Celebrating the freshest produce…

Food Provenance at Zucchini Italian Kitchen
The provenance of food is now an essential need to know for people wanting more information about the green credentials of the food they buy, we are proud of the fact that our customers are insisting on eating with a clear conscience.

We believe as a restaurant we should inform you our customers about the ways that we tackle the social and environmental impact of our decisions.
In a nutshell, sustainable sourcing ensures, to the best of the food chain’s ability, that purchases have no, or only a limited negative impact on their source communities and ecosystems. In short, we want to know where our food comes from, and the impact that it has had on its workers—both in the developing and developed world.

At Zucchini a prerequisite to making any purchasing decision is what is the environmental impact, we take into account our responsibility for energy consumption, food miles, water and waste, and our role in farming systems, animal welfare, food education and the environment.
We have already forged strong links with local suppliers; and we are taking our first tentative steps at growing our own—with the plan being to bring food to the table with the minimum mileage and the maximum freshness.

We choose our suppliers carefully and visit producers whenever we can. We always try to source local and seasonal produce as much as possible from farms and producers within a 10 miles radius to Zucchini Italian Kitchen. Additionally, home-grown aromatic herbs are hand-picked from our kitchen garden. By working with like-minded organisations we try to ensure that we place ethical responsibility, knowledge and education in the mind of each member of our team.
We aim to reconnect gastronomy with all aspects of our food production, be it soil, ecosystems, sustainability, or our own farming land and producers, and we try to make responsible choices, so we can ensure a sustainable food chain.

Fruit and Vegetables -We use local farms and producers for our fruits and vegetableswherever possible, respecting the rules of seasonality.
Fish and Shellfish – Our fish comes from Marine Stewardship Council suppliers. Our daily specials are delivered each morning having been caught by day boats out of Porthleven and Coverack. Our shellfish is so local that it can we walked to us!
Eggs – Our eggs come from a local Lizard producer who rescue’s ex battery hens. But watch this space, as we are about to have our own ex battery ladies! Soon you will also discover happy egg laying chickens exploring freely in our woodland gardens adjacent to the restaurant.
Meat – beef, lamb, mutton, pork, chicken, duck & goose, bacon & sausages, combine everything we look for … contented animals that have been well catered for and then hung, matured, trimmed and prepared with dedicated expertise, and, above all, it tastes marvellous.

Provenance and traceability is key—especially when it comes to our raw ingredients as this allows us to use finest ingredients and best quality products. Thanks to all our suppliers.